The 62nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nephrology

Call for Abstracts

The Committee of the 62nd Annual Meeting of the JSN encourages abstract submission widely from overseas. All the abstracts submitted are rated and selected for presentation by the Committee.

The abstract is only submitted by online. The submission of abstracts by e-mail will NOT be considered. The abstract should be written in English.

Regular Submission
Nov. 20 (Tue), 2018 - at 2:00 p.m. JST on Jan. 8 (Tue), 2019

Regular Submission

The deadline for regular submission is scheduled at 2:00 p.m. JST on Jan. 8 (Tue), 2019.
Please select preferred presentation style, Oral or Poster, when you submit an abstract.
However, please note that the presentation style will be decided by the congress chairperson.
Apart from Oral Session and Poster Session, "English Session (Oral)" will be planned to hold. Presentations of "English Session (Oral)" must be made in English only and the highest scored presentations will be awarded at the JSN banquet on June 22, 2019. All the delegates are asked to choose "Oral", "Poster" or "English Session (Oral)" upon submission procedure. If you wish to apply for "English Session (Oral)", please select "English Session (Oral)" and submit an abstract in English. However in case of too many applications and/or depending on the review result, the congress will ask some applicants to make presentations at the other Oral Session or Poster Session.

Please be aware that encore abstracts will NOT be accepted.

*Application Review Considerations
All abstracts will be reviewed in the same manner. Abstract acceptance is determined by the Congress Chairperson 2019, based on the reviews from the Abstract Review Committee commissioned by the Congress Chairperson. Please note that the congress will not offer the authors of regular submission any grants. The accepted authors are requested to bear all expenses to attend the congress such as their transportation, accommodation and registration.

1. Maximum number of authors and institutions

Authors: 18 persons (including the first author)
Institutions: 10 centers

2. Limitations of number of words

Abstract Title: 50 words
Abstract Body: 250 words
Total number of words (including authors, institutions, title and abstract body): 350 words

3. COI disclosure

You are requested to show whether there is any conflicts of interest on medical researches and publications by clicking a check box when your abstract submission.
Please refer to the detailed regulations

4. Password

To create your password is required. Password should be case-sensitive and must be between 6 and 8 character long. The password is necessary for you to view or modify your abstract.
For security reason, we cannot tell anyone's password. Please make sure to make a copy or back up of your password when submitting an abstract.

5. Receipt of Abstract / Notifying the result

Receipt of abstract will be automatically sent to the registered e-mail address. We strongly advise you to confirm the contents that you submit.
The result of review will be notified all candidates via e-mail. Please make sure to register accurate e-mail address.

6. Category of Regular Submission

We accept submission of English abstracts to regular session.

【Clinical Nephrology】
101 Primary Glomerular Disease
102 Secondary Glomerular Disease
103 Nephrotic Syndrome
104 Diabetes Mellitus
105 Tubulointerstitial Disease
106 Hereditary Disease
107 Urological Disease
108 Water/Electrolyte/Acid-Base Disorders
109 Hypertension: Clinical
110 Vasoactive Substance/Bio-Marker
111 Bone Metabolism: Clinical
201 Acute Renal Failure
202 Chronic Renal Failure
203 Hemodialysis
204 Peritoneal Dialysis
205 Plasma Exchange/Apheresis/Others
206 Kidney Transplantation
207 Clinical Epidemiology/Clinical Research
208 Education and health guidance for CKD
209 Community Health Care
210 Others
301 Nephritis/Nephrosis: Basic
302 Extracellular Matrix/Fibrosis
303 Immunity/Inflammation
304 Hormone/Cell Signaling
305 Others
401 Acute Renal Failure: Basic
402 Chronic Renal Failure: Basic
403 Diabetic Nephropathy: Basic
404 Drug-induced Nephropathy: Basic
405 Hypertension: Basic/Renal Hemodynamics
406 Bone Metabolism: Basic
407 Others
501 Water/electrolyte/solute Transport
502 Acid/Base Metabolism
503 Renal Metabolism
504 Others
601 Genetics/Development
602 Stem Cells/Regeneration
603 Others

7. Keyword

Please state up to three keywords of your abstract. (at least one keyword is mandatory)

8. Submit, Confirm and Modify Abstracts

Regular Submission
Regular submission is closed.
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